GIJoe Highlights in 2021

Episode 54,  Dec 29, 2021, 02:30 PM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 54

This is a quick one. Travel, home purchasing, holidays galore! Joel and Jason steal a few minutes to quickly highlight their personal best GIJoe’ing of the year and a big aspirational hope for the upcoming year. 

Also, we are with the rest of the community, seeing a lot of talk about one of our previous JoeFest highlight guests, Screamin Ehmann. We love to highlight and support creatives, but it’s never a guaranteed thing when someone goes out on their own. If you were impacted by Eric’s recent and rapid departure from the community, please do your level best to file a PayPal, or other, claim. 

In the future, we’ll continue to do our best research before promoting a creative, but we do want to continue that practice. If you come across red flags that we missed, please let us know! We’re a community and we all succeed together. 

Happy all the holidays that you celebrate and a few that you maybe don’t. 

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