Ectoplasmic Touch, Margery Crandon, and Science in the Séance Room

Season 1, Episode 2,   Jan 10, 2022, 07:00 AM

Emma and Christy look at archival photographs from the séances of Mina 'Margery' Crandon (around 1925) and talk slimy protrusions, sex, scientific photography, the testing of mediums, and the science of spiritualism.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE IMAGES WE DISCUSS, as well as complete show notes, references, and suggestions for further reading.

Will Conant, Untitled (Ectoplasmic Hand Emerging from Margery's Navel) (1925)
The Belvedere Torso (1st century BC)
William Hunter, 'Table 6' in The Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus Exhibited in Tables (1774)
Baron von Schrenck Notzing, 'Flashlight Photograph [of Eva Carrière]' (1911) in Phenomena of Materialisation (1913)
Will Conant, Untitled (Ectoplasmic Hand Emerging from Margery's Navel and Resting on Eric Dingwall's Hand) (1925)
[Photographer unknown], Untitled (Margery in a Trance During a Séance) (c. 1925)
Carolee Schneemann, Interior Scroll (1975)
[Photographer unknown], Untitled (Margery Under Control: Neck Secured with Steel Wire) (c. 1925)
Annie Louisa Swynnerton, Cupid and Psyche (1890)
[Photographer unknown], Untitled (Walter Putting Ectoplasmic Sample into Test Tubes) (1924)
[Photographer unknown], Untitled (Walter's Hand Emerges from Margery and is Fingerprinted in Wax) (1925)

(The archival photographs of Margery belong to the Harry Price Archives at Senate House Library, and the Society for Psychical Research, London.)

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