The best questions to ask someone on dates (and everywhere)!

Episode 5,   Feb 21, 2022, 06:01 AM

Danielle who has created a life she LOVES at the age of 30.  She's a famed TV host, entrepreneur, podcaster, and a dear friend.  She has interviewed Taylor Swift, Michael B. Jordan, Helen Mirren -- and Larry King says that she 'has the ability to make people feel seen."  In this chat, Danielle shares with us:
  1. The way she got to know herself (it has to do with 800 questions....)
  2. What happened when she got her first dream job (hives might be involved, spoiler alert)!
  3. How to be WAY more interesting at dinner parties
  4. What dating tip I gave her that has talked her into getting back into the game (woo hoo me!!)
  5. The new product she has created to make conversations REAL
I know you're going to get some good laughs and information from this podcast.  You'll be inspired by how Danielle has brought more love into her life with work, AND, how she is going to start dating!!
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