How to Talk to Men & The Secret to Happiness!

Episode 15,   Apr 25, 2022, 02:00 AM

This conversation covers AMAZING gems, including:

--3 Myths About Men (these are awesome, and have to do with 'the chase', sex, and feelings)

--The differences between men's & women's brains (I about passed out when I learned this - it makes COMPLETE sense)

--The AWESOME four communication archetypes (are you a lioness, puppy, koala bear or scorpion)?

--How to get men to HEAR you (and it doesn't have to do with raising your voice)!

--What are some quick communication tips that women can use in challenging situations with men?   

--How to get men or anyone to help you (it's called the 'appreciation' sandwich)

--The ONE simple daily practice to stay in balance

--How we can tell if our lives are OUT of alignment (and how that affects our dating lives)--Why 'going hard' is BAD for a relationship

--What 'coming from a place of love' can do to blossom your love for EVERYONE in your life. 

Sandy Weiner, Bela's guest, is the founder of Last First Date, is a TEDx speaker, relationship coach, author and podcast host.   

Sandy's communication archetype quiz is here:

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