Dating After Divorce - The Top 10 Things to KNOW!

Episode 39,   Oct 10, 2022, 12:00 AM

Top 10 Things To Do When You’re Dating After Divorce

1.     Do the work – DO therapy / coaching.  Make sure you have processed the relationship, and most importantly, know what YOUR part in the relationship break up was
2.     Hire someone to help you
3.     Fix Your Picker – Have you noticed that your ‘picker’ is broken?  Get help around this – it’s due to social media, attachment, not knowing what you need vs. want, evolution, and more
4.     Get Psychotically Optimistic about your future – does the thought of dating excite you?
5.     Get online the right way – Take this seriously!!  
a.     Have great photos
b.     Write a great profile
c.     We don’t pick great photos of ourselves!
6.     Have a dating strategy – 15 minutes in the morning/evening
a.     Date multiple people at the same time
b.     If you’re a single parent, use video to be efficient!  Crazy can’t hide for more than 10 minutes
c.     Only go on a few dates per week!
7.     Keep things slow!!  You’ll probably want to rush out especially if your love cup is empty.  Wait 15 dates so you don't get any love bombers/narcissists, etc.  Time is the most important commodity in dating!
8.     Don’t go over to anyone’s house prematurely.  Listen to WHY in the episode!  
9.     Get physical if and only if you want to.  There is no such thing as a 3 date rule!!   Only do what you’re comfortable with. There is NO pressure to do anything, and if someone is making you feel bad that you’re not ‘fast enough’ they’re not for you
10.  Only take advice from people who can guide you correctly.  Your friends mean well, but probably not well-versed in dating.  Goes back to rule #2 to hire someone to help you!  

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