Embarrassing Stories Revealed and Instagram Questions Answered

Season 1, Episode 28,   Jan 12, 2022, 09:00 AM

Mags and Dad share more than perhaps they should in this hilarious podcast and answer a few questions from Mags’ Instagram poll.

Show Notes:

03:30   Mags going back on movie set. (UPDATE cast announced “The Other Zoey.”)

04:15   Dan’s past experience with acting.

10:03   Let’s play a game!

12:00   Dan’s oblivious childhood.

13:53   Embarrassing Dan story - brace yourself!

17:30   Mag’s rockin’ the middle part.

19:53   Better living through cluelessness.  

21:21   So much easier to live an honest life and deal with the consequences of truth.

25:19   Letting your kids figure things out.

26:26   Has social medial changed our relationship?

30:28   It takes a village of family to run these businesses.

33:17   Lighting round of Instagram poll.

36:25   HS friendships vs. Adult friendships

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