Start Seeing Boundaries as Opportunities with Yasmine Cheyenne

Episode 17,   Jan 19, 2022, 02:00 PM

I am so excited today because I am speaking to Yasmine Cheyenne, a consummate teacher, speaker, and advocate on mental health and spiritual wellness. Corporate giants including ABC, Facebook and Skillshare have invited her to share her trainings which destigmatise ideas around race and seek to create more opportunities for marginalised communities. Yasmine is also known for her transformative teachings around self-healing which she offers through keynote speeches, corporate presentations and one-on-one coaching.

In this episode you can hear Yasmine give amazing advise on how to see your boundaries as opportunities. As well as challenges she has gone through and lessons she has learnt that have shaped her voice. She also give some insight into her word for this year and the reflections she currently is undergoing.

“I’m here to share what I know to be true, I am not here to share anybody else’s truth” - Yasmine


2.09 - Yasmine on the importance of self-healing
6.43 - Challenges that were difficult for Yasmine to process and learn
9.08 - What helped Yasmine shape her voice?
25.16 - How do we start to see boundaries as opportunities?
25.16 - Yasmine on reflections at the new year

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