Are You Comfortable When You’re Alone?

Episode 344,   Feb 18, 2022, 08:00 AM

In this day and age people have trouble being alone with themselves. With social media opening the door into our lives in new and persistent ways, we no longer have the solitary space to just be. Alone time however is necessary for growth, alignment, and joy. 

Listen as Rebekah Iliff and I chat about her new book and why having the space to be alone is so important. 

Rebekah is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who has spent a lot of time alone. Between getting married a little later in life to moving frequently, she’s had time to get comfortable with herself. Then she experienced a tragedy and her need for alone time grew. 

Through her grief, she authored Champagne For One which is a humorous take on why alone time is a requirement for life. When you sit in silence and spend time with yourself, oftentimes you’ll find answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself for a long time.

So, do you feel comfortable when you’re alone? Or do you avoid alone time like? If you’re the latter, listen in as Rebekah shares a few tips on how to get started on finding your comfort.

Show Notes:
  • [01:47] Welcome Rebekah Iliff back to the show to share why she wrote her new book. 
  • [04:01] What are some of the top hangups for people today in being alone? 
  • [05:21] The main takeaways she hopes readers get from her book. 
  • [07:46] Does she have a favorite story? 
  • [10:03] When she took time to process her grief, did she have to push back from those in her circle?
  • [12:27] Has Rebekah learned any big lessons as she’s grown in her career? 
  • [15:02] The first steps to take when trying to determine what you love to do. 
  • [17:45] Why the pandemic had people seriously rethinking their lives and careers. 
  • [20:14] What keeps Rebekah inspired when things get tough? 
  • [23:29] Rebekah shares her parting advice for the community. 
  • [25:58] Connect with Rebekah. 

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