POMM-cast Episode 18 - New Ash Moon in Pisces Season

Episode 18,  Mar 01, 11:33 PM

How was February for you? It was definitely necessary for me to get into the adaptable energy of Pisces, as I experienced some pretty big transitions in life. With the New Ash Moon cycle beginning, I'm intent on embracing the powerful qualities of water that allow for transformation, clarification, and creation. As exciting as it's been to feel myself being released from some of these cycles I've felt stuck in and elevating myself to new levels of functioning and achieving my goals, it has still provided painful waves of emotions and access to trauma that is still healing. This is why I wanted to also address the duality of pain and pleasure in this episode. If you can make it to the end, you'll understand how this concept is very in line with the spirit of Pisces. This will probably be expanded on in future episodes, but for now, thanks for listening! Find me on IG, tiktok, and twitter - @ eramoog You can also find more content and services on my personal website - eramoog.com