Are You Clearly Communicating Your Value? - With Shola Kaye

Season 2, Episode 3,   Mar 16, 2022, 12:01 AM

Are You Making Your Value Clear?
How are you representing yourself?
Do you sit there in meetings thinking about the context without sharing your thoughts with the room?
Are you being clear on what it is you want to be known for and aligning it with what it is that you want to say?
One of the biggest hurdles I observe for leaders, as they transition to the next level of influence and decision making, is around executive communication - being clear on what they want to be known for, who they are as a leader and what value they bring to the table. You could package these points up and label them as executive presence.
In my latest NewlandRock Leadership Effectiveness Podcast I interview Shola Kaye, Executive Communication expert, coach and keynote speaker. We dive into this topic of leadership communication effectiveness and the saboteurs that limit our success in this space.
This episode is packed with golden tips and take always that we can all use in our presentations and meetings to increase our impact.