27. Caitlyn Howe: Fully Expressed - Reclaiming the Power of the Goddess Within

Apr 01, 2022, 03:00 PM

From what we “should be” to playing with what and who we want to be. Caitlyn and I sit down to discuss how to find the power of the Goddess within, remove the "mask", and just BE. We explore sexuality, what it means to be "beautiful, sexy, and acceptable", and how to shake off our limited societal conditioning. From shame, humiliation, and hiding behind our personas, to true full self-expression. This is a deep exploration of the shadow archetypes that exist within each of us, empowering sisters to reclaim their right to be powerful, wild, and free.

Caitlyn Howe is a writer, personal transformation coach for the Aubrey Marcus Fit For Service Fellowship program, and an intuitive experiential facilitator for practices such as ecstatic dance, breathwork, meditation, and kundalini yoga. Her areas of focus include shadow work, divine feminine healing, and authentic embodiment. With a dynamic history of tested life experience, overcoming her own struggles through various modalities of self-healing, mentorship, and plant medicine journeys, she is passionate about supporting others in radical self-expression, overcoming shame, finding unity through community, and reclaiming a sense of individual wholeness for greater collective harmony.

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