James Kavanaugh Jr and the GIJoe Fan Club

Episode 63,  May 04, 09:00 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 63

James Kavanaugh Jr, dubbed Notable Author by WoJM and, notably the author of six GIJoe collector guides and one Transformer guide, joins Joel and Jason this time!  

James discusses the history of GIJoe fan lead collector clubs, Hasbro’s involvement, and why after four years without one, now is the time for a rebirth. He’s a fount of knowledge, folklore, anecdotes, and collector philosophy. This time he’s sharing it all with Order of Battle for his newly launched GIJoe Fan Club, which is well into the Membership sign up process. 

If you want the whole kit and be in from day one, you have until 13 May 2022 to sign up. Any later than that and you’ll miss out on a few goodies. 

The thing about James is that he is creative that gets things done. He’s well vetted in the community through his books, time on podcasts like WojM and Full Force, his work with the GIJoe Collectors Club, Joe Con, Bot Con, JoeFest, and more. 

So join the conversation, sign up, and pay the entry fee for the new GIJoe Fan Club:  https://gijoefanclub.com/

Get your tickets: www.joefestusa.com

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