!Spoilers! Brome Abraham and Isaac

Episode 212,  May 20, 2022, 07:58 AM

A spoilery introduction to the Brome Abraham and Isaac play...

It's the first of two episodes on the Brome Abraham and Isaac play, witnessed from somewhere in the late 15th century. This is a !Spoilers! session, working through the rough cut of the play - with the plain text recording at the end. Full cast audio edit to follow shortly!
Content Warning: If you don't know the story, it's about attempted infanticide. It's HEAVY stuff. 
BE WARNED - If you just want to listen to the play as a play, don't listen to the spoilers episodes. Come back later, or don't listen. However, if you find early drama hard to follow, then you will get a good grounding in the action here - especially as we may make changes or cuts for our final version! The plain text version is rough in hew, it will change and we produce it in part to hunt out errors.

In the plain text recording of the Brome play of Abraham and Isaac are Geir Madland as Abraham, Leigh McDonald as Isaac, Rob Myson as God and Pamela Flanagan as the Angel and the Doctor.
If you want to skip to the plain text, it starts after 46 minutes in.

The play was recorded and produced Robert Crighton.

Want more versions of the Abraham and Isaac story? Really? You sure? It's dark out there man! Oh well, you have been warned...
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