All It Takes Is ONE Decision featuring guest, Mark Anthony Joe

Episode 36,   May 23, 2022, 01:00 PM

Fasten your seatbelts on this wild ride, y’all.⠀
I’ve gotten to know my good friend, Mark Joe, pretty well over the past couple of years while working with 1st Phorm. His knowledge & intellect is NEXT level. I’ve learned SO much from him regarding business, sales, fitness & supplements. But I’ve always been so curious to know his story.⠀
Sure enough, in this episode, he tells it all. Mark dives into some traumatic childhood memories & recalls his troubling teenage years. At one point, he ended up in prison, where he made one simple decision that changed the course of his life from that moment going forward.⠀
Now look at him. :)⠀
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