28. Betty Williams: The Kiss and Kill Murder

Apr 14, 2022, 04:00 AM

On March 22nd, 1961, the tiny town of Odessa, Texas was rocked by the murder of a teenage girl who attended Odessa High School. Betty Williams was a talented theater student and aspiring actress, but in the eyes of her peers, she was an outcast. The way that Betty viewed the world was entirely ahead of the era during which she was born; her idealistic spirit made her the subject of judgment and contempt amongst her classmates in the conservative Christian oil town of Odessa.

When Betty doesn't arrive at school one morning and is reported missing by her mother, most of the locals in town think she's simply run away. But a confession from within Betty's small circle of friends shakes the town to its core.


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Music: "Poisoned Rose" by Aakash Gandhi


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