65. JE Russell talks customizing at JoeFest and Chicken Fried Toys

Episode 65,   Jun 01, 2022, 10:23 PM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 65

As we continue to prep for JoeFest, we sat down with JE Russell to talk about his Figure Customizing Class. He’s been running this class for years at JoeCon, continuing on for years at JoeFest. 

But that wasn’t what happened. Instead we had a master class conversation with Russell about the customizing class, about his Chicken Fried Toys company, 3.75-4” action figures as a concept and so much more.  JE Russell is a fount of knowledge within and well beyond GIJoe, casting, boutique design, and more. 

Russell spends just as much time boosting other customizers and companies as he does promoting his own projects. It’s a lot of fun to talk to someone this community focused and confident in his place in that community. 

Take a look at his toy line, shop his cast and customs at JoeFest, and absolutely take his customizing class at JoeFest. Also… did you know JoeFest had Bingo with giveaways? Well you do now! Russell runs it! 

Chicken Fried Toys: Dime Novel Legends: https://chickenfriedtoys.com/

Get your JoeFest tickets: www.joefestusa.com

EDIT: JE Russell issued Please Note for this episode: "Because I am stupid, I misnamed the band that W Earl Brown is a honcho of, during the podcast  For the record the name of the band (and you should check them out) is The Sacred Cowboys. "

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