Stop Being Too Nice

Episode 312,   Jun 02, 2022, 01:55 PM

Steven and Meg remember learning to “ jerk the bandaid off”. Steven takes a deep dive into the creative authority of our belief. “And I’ll tell you this, that as a person who’s filled with Light and Love, we have a responsibility to use our creative authority over every kind of destructive, negative, vile enemy, that there is, to life.  So we resist the power of destructiveness, by placing a demand on protection and standing in the creative authority we have for our children.  Regardless of what’s happening around us—we don’t have to live in fear.  The Creator has given us all the authority we’ll ever need for physical protection.  
There’s power in that!  There’s power in knowing who we are and who’s we are.  Using our authority for a shield of protection, over every destructive force, can be done quickly.  We can speak Light and Love, and attract protection and wisdom, for the essence of the abundant life to forcefully protect our family.,  We can speak, with gratitude, our demands for sanctity on our way to work, while running errands, at any time. Receiving protection in gratitude can be done as soon as we wake in the morning.  And invoking our creative, kinetic believers authority, and effectively, becomes second nature when we make a routine out of it.”

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