IT's all about Choices - E1 with Zaf Khan

Season 1, Episode 1,   Jun 13, 2022, 07:50 AM

On this, the first episode of 'IT's all about choices' I'll be joined by a man I'm proud to call a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration.

My guest is Zaf Khan, Zaf and I first met and worked together in 1997. We were both young dumb and full of fun, but behind all of this, we shared a purpose and a drive that I expect neither of us really knew how to harness at the time.

We'll discuss the choices that led to us working together and the choices that have led Zaf to today and the choices he plans to make to shape his future.

Zaf is easily one of the most eloquent speakers I've met, so I invite you to join us and listen to how everything we've done has been all about choices