IT's all about Choices E5 with Doug Oram

Season 1, Episode 5,   Jun 13, 2022, 09:56 AM

In Episode 5 of IT's all about choices I’ll speak with Doug Oram, a fellow Enterprise Service Management Professional and the man who introduced me to classical music.

Back in 2005, I took my first steps out of the sanctuary of IBM, stepping into a whole new world of Investment Management. A choice to leap into the unknown could have ended in failure had it not been for Doug's guidance during some turbulent times.

Doug himself was no stranger to leaping into the unknown. Growing up in Kentucky, USA, Doug's choices took him to London and then into Europe before returning to the UK and being pivotal in delivering service management expertise to the UK's Health and Social care services during the COVID pandemic.

Please join Doug and I as we reflect on the choices that led to us working together and those we have made since, as well as those choices that are still to come.

IT's all about choices