8 Key Themes From Successful Founders - Series 4 Wrap Up (Entrepreneurial Inspiration)

Jun 20, 2022, 03:30 AM

Looking for Entrepreneurial Inspiration? This episode shares the key 8 themes my series 4 guests chared with me

Welcome to the summary episode for the 4th series of The Mojo Podcast - The Founders.

In this series I had the pleasure of talking to 13 successful founders and magnificent human beings over the 10 episodes in the season. Busy people who created the time to talk to me and share with you the secrets of their 'founder mojo'.

I sought out a diverse group of founders to ask them about what mojo means to them as an entrepreneur and a leader. It’s been one of my favourite series for many reasons: meeting amazing new people, reconnecting with old friends, sharing the ‘special sauce’ of successful founders – how they keep their Mojo high and flowing in, let’s be honest, often very testing and stressful circumstances. Because founding anything, be it a business or movement or community, is not easy. However the mojo upside when successful can be huge.

Thank you to all my guests - here is the full line from series 4:

Ep1: Ally Owen - Brixton Finishing School
Ep2: Ben Gallagher - B&A
Ep3: Kate & Laura - Liberty Hive
Ep4: Jen & Sally - Craft Media
Ep5: Laura Clacey - Sxollie Cider
Ep6: Anda Gansca - Knotch
Ep7: Josh Scacheri - LoveHero
Ep8: Karen Cinnamon - Smashing The Glass / Your Jewish Life
Ep9: Anna & Cal - Shine For Women
Ep10: Jamie McCloskey - Lover Corn

This episode is a short 20 minute summary of the key themes that emerged for me from my conversations. Far from being an exhaustive list of everything that came up - there were just too many tips and insights across the 10 episodes to do that. I hope this episode shines a light on what's going on for these Founders and how they maintain their mojo in order to realise success (however they define it).

I firmly believe that great things sit within all of us, we have amazing potential when we decide to commit to creating our own reality. Its my encouragement and wish that you find your thing – whatever shape it takes – and I believe you’ll find that you have the mojo in place to make it happen.

Thanks for all the love and support for series 4, the next series will be emerging into the light in September - look out for that by subscribing to the Mojo Podcast wherever you find your podcasts.

Until then - I hope your mojo continues to flow

Richard x

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