Ellen Galford & Tim Puntis

Episode 2,   Jul 01, 2022, 11:00 AM

Jules talks to lesbian Jewish author Ellen Galford and community activist Tim Puntis about Pride and Love in Scotland as older LGBTQ+ people.

About this episode

Ellen Galford was born in 1947, in the United States and migrated to Scotland in 1971.  Forming the solid foundations of her illustrious career, Ellen is a much celebrated author of a body of lesbian fiction that includes Moll Cutpurse, Her True History (1984), The Fires of Bride (1986), Queendom Come (1990) and The Dyke and the Dybbuk (1993).

Tim is a retired teacher and lives in Edinburgh.  He has been involved in LGBTQ+ activism his whole life but in recent years he has been channelling his warm and generous energy into championing the rights of older LGBTQ+ people, the importance of intersectionality and the need for our community to be truly welcoming to all.

In this episode we discuss Tim and Ellen's early Pride March memories in both England and Scotland, living and working under Section 28, relationships and romance before homophobic laws adn hearts and minds changed, the onslaught of Thatcher and how community resilience has evolved and finally, we explore ageism and growing older and what could strengthen links between the generations of LGBTQ+ people today.

Tim and Ellen share unique lived experiences and fresh perspectives that lead the conversation to a natural and informed optimism, revealing how influencers like these two memorable guests, shaped our community long before social media existed.


Tim and Ellen reference "Bob and Sigrid" and the Lavender Menace - a Queer Books Archive & Blog - Welcome to Lavender Menace - Lavender Menace