How to Lower Anxiety in Dating and LIFE!

Episode 23,  Jun 27, 12:00 AM

Dating anxiety is something even the best daters can feel sometimes.  What are some easy ways to help diminish the anxiety, so we can present the best / most authentic version of ourselves?  I called on my colleague Ilene Collins, dating coach extraordinare at Smart Dating Academy, to discuss this.  She's got a great background in mental health coaching as well, and this conversation was amazing.  

You'll learn:

How to stay in the PRESENT moment (if you have anxiety, you're living in the past or catastrophizing the future).  Ilene shares her favorite, easy ways to bring you "BACK" to this moment.  

Why getting active before a date can REALLY help (I share my Peloton hack)

How is your messaging to self (Cheerleader or judge?)

BEST self care and dating routine (spa, fav music, candles)

If you're feeling anxious on a date, are you REALLY listening to the other person?  We talk in depth about this.  

Why "listening to understand" is SO important, and helps immensely with anxiety

Why the video date is AWESOME to do before a 'real' date - and how to use it to lower fears

HOW to get prepared - prepare for a date like you would a job interview!  What questions give you anxiety? Role play with a friend, or do a session with us!
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