Keith Linder -- Revisiting The Bothell Hell House Poltergeist - the story continues

Jun 30, 10:03 PM

Poltergeist. Proof? Evidence? This case ticks all the boxes - and continues to confound paranormal researchers.

What makes this haunting story different? Keith Linder has an IT background and he documents everything. Start with book 1: The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State, Amazon. 

From paranormal research novice to seasoned pro, Keith appears to have been drafted by some unseen others for this role. Fast forward from 2012 to 2022 he is now sharing his information and results with various paranormal organizations, and consulting others, clearly trying to work with the best equipment and maintain meticulous notes in an attempt to leave no stone unturned.

He presents each and every anomaly with the goal of offering insight into how the poltergeist phenom works. To that end, it doesn't restrict itself to Keith's residence. Friends and co-workers have reported their own unexplainable events - events that would seem to be/and are connected to Keith.

Example. Keith visits a friend and the doorbell rings. No one is at the door. Advice for potential girlfriends - avoid the phrase, "Ghosts don't scare me." They'll answer that challenge.

Fires are one of the biggest (and potentially dangerous) enigmas. And Keith is working to determine the science behind that.

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In this 3 hour Youtube Interview, Keith presents physical evidence. You get an idea of the mayhem he and Tina experienced in the home. Burned bible pages, wax dribbled on a wall, objects moved, etc. The house was and is an active space.

A former resident provides a testimonial. Via Twitter. "It was the beginning of the end in that place, I tried to kill myself a few son saw shadowy figures...we heard footsteps.....the nanny woke up and found all the kitchen cabinet doors open.  I hate that house for what it did to my marriage." - Rhonda Lee Jimenez (RIP).

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