67. After Action Report v2 with Roger and Josh

Episode 67,  Jul 01, 12:44 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 67

You have five days left to back After Action Report vol 2. It is the follow up to an incredible comic book guide that is covering all over everything GIJoe comics related. 

Roger, recovering from a medical emergency, and Josh, having just returned from JoeFest, sit down with Jason to talk about the final moments of Kickstarter.  They talk about the mechanics of Kickstarter, printing, Hama, Devil’s Due, and so much more. The road to JoeFest was amazing and After Action Report was part of that. Now they are almost at the end of their already successful funding period with just a couple stretch goals to go. 

You can back the new book on Kickstarter, buy the first book on their site, and use Cash App to help support Roger through the medical bill side of medical emergencies. 

I hope you enjoy the talk and take action! 

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