Shaun Weiss: The Mighty Duck

Season 3, Episode 66,  Jul 04, 04:43 AM

In this episode we link up with Hollywood as actor Shaun Weiss joins us from Los Angeles!

Shaun rose to fame in the 90s as a child actor when he had a starring role in The Mighty Ducks movies as Greg Goldberg, the team's tough but loveable goalkeeper. He'd acted before this but it was these movies that cemented his love for the profession, and he made friends for life who still play a big part in his story to this day.

Shaun's addictions started in his early 30s after his mother died, something that absolutely devastated him. He talks to us about the day he knew that he was in for a long journey as he walked to the liquor store and heard that little voice in the back of his head - the accessibility of alcohol meant that this was the first thing he turned to, but it soon led to an addiction to other substances too.

Shaun hit rock bottom, and was sitting in a jail cell when one of the deputies came in with a picture of him on his phone as one of the Mighty Ducks - and a few days later Shaun was all over the news. What happened next was extraordinary - an army of fans from 30 years ago sent Shaun their love and their support, and made him realise that there were people out there who wanted to see him do well.

This moment was the start of Shaun's stunning recovery, and today he is thriving. We'd like to thank Shaun for spending an hour with us and being so honest about some extremely difficult times in his life - and as you'll hear, we're hoping to see him in a bell tent at the bottom of Snowdon soon!


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