When Peace Rises From Within

Episode 315,   Jul 11, 2022, 05:59 PM

Steven and Meg review their mindsets while traveling to avoid what otherwise could be stressful situations. Steven tells us where to place the heart of our motivation to continuously  experience an unencumbered journey of delightful exploration.  “And peace rises up from within - when I no longer manage my life as though I’m preparing to be judged, and condemned by the expectations of others. It’s like being able to walk naked through a crowd of people and not--care—what—they—think. What somebody thinks of me..is none of my business. So I work to impress me.  I dress to impress me.  I write music and I paint to impress me.  I meditate on the biggest, brightest, grandest possibilities for me, right now, in this moment.  Because I’m doing my life…from my heart, and from my heart, my life will flourish. I’m developing in the attitude of “I’m doing me” I’m now working in the moment of Now, to un-become, or to reprogram my expectations for me. My life is no longer formed by anybody or anything outside of the intimacy of myself, and if myself includes the self of a manifested life partner, a lover, then my expectations are our expectations—that we’ve aligned together—and the power of two that are aligned together, can transform the universe around them. I’m telling you right now, there’s nothing more powerful then when there are two or more aligned with their expectations for a wonderful adventure.  Not one of mere survival, but an existence of exploration beyond which either could have imagined before.  The power of two is a force that opens endless possibilities. If things appear to be going wrong, remember, it’s just an illusion it’s just an appearance that things are going wrong.”

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