OR 08 - Clanker and Talk by Bobby

Jul 22, 09:00 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast special episode Operation Recall - Clanker and Tank

A sat down with concept creator Bobby, 12yo, to discuss their concept designs. As you know, A did SHHHH, a ninja with a prosthetic (maybe robotic) leg. Bobby came up with Clanker, a survivalist who collects robot parts after battles to repurpose as armor and weapons! Clanker’s combat companion is a genetically modified and armored Galapagos Tortoise named Tank.  

These are the two youngest members of the Operation: Recall family with two fun and inspiring designs. Both have the pleasure of being professionally designed by the legendary Mark Pennington! 

Bobby’s Clanker and Tank do not officially unlock until the funding reaches 240K, so back Operation Recall today! 

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