How to have better Difficult Conversations

Season 1,   Jul 26, 2022, 10:45 AM

In this episode Rach & John visit the subject of Difficult Conversations, a topic which they cover in depth on their Building Better Leaders Programme.

“Good intentions don’t always result in good impact.” Often with the best of intentions things can go wrong, and the impact you intend is never the one you had in mind. 

They tackle the subject from a “miscommunication” angle and take a look at three different areas of a conversation?

We learn from our ability to catch ourselves and become more self-aware of what we are contributing in any conversation, so understanding the anatomy of conversation can help us when we consider:

  • Who did what, Who said what, Who was right and wrong?
  • How we tackle our feelings, and those of the other person?
  • What does our behaviour in the heat of the moment say about us as a person?
They discuss, various areas of a conversation and how we can better prepare and plan for a successful outcome.

The books referenced in the podcast which inspired their approach are: 

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