70. Cobra Convergence & Cobra Weird

Episode 70,  Jul 29, 09:00 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 70


Joel and Jason take a look at Weird Cobra for this year’s Cobra Convergence. And weird is Cobra’s speciality. But what’s Cobra Convergence? 

Come on, you know what it is. Hooded Cobra Commander 788 has been running a month-long celebration of everyone’s favorite villain organization, in July, over the last few years. This is the sixth installment! Check out HCC788’s youtube channel for years and years of amazing GIJoe content and here’s a list so you can see every Photographer, Blogger, Podcaster, Customizer, and YouTuber that participated in this year’s Cobra Convergence. Pick and Choose or go in date order… 

So Joel and Jason delved into Weird Cobra by looking at some of the gear and file cards that make Cobra especially odd. Spoilers? Of course they love it. Keep Cobra Weird! 

Cobra Convergence 6 hub: https://hcc788.com/cobra-convergence-6/

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