OR 02 - Cadaver with Chad LaForce

Jul 28, 02:29 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast special episode Operation Recall - Cadaver

Jason sat down with Chad, who you can find on social media as Malcham Zidek, the concept creator who submitted Cadaver. They talk video game industry, designing for iconography and how the Operation Recall project holds a special place in the toy industry at large. 

Cadaver sparked the designers’ imaginations with a menacing, stylized skull logo and a mysterious look that could be a ninja, assassin, cult leader, or a squad of mercenaries popping out of the shadows. Chad discusses his Undead Operators, some of his other favorites in the Recall line, relates how he’d like to see SHHHH and Cadaver battle it out, and how he looks forward to reading Larry’s take on this world. 

Please back Operation Recall, there are still some great concepts waiting to Unlock, and join the conversation. 

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