Egri Erbstein Bonus Episodes: Tournament Review

Aug 01, 2022, 05:00 AM

The Egri Erbstein Tournament celebrated amateur and semi professional football, as well as the legacy of one of football's pioneering coaches, on the weekend of 23 and 24 July at the Corinthian-Casuals' home in Tolworth. 

Along with the Casuals, visitors Sheffield FC, Hilltop FC, and Budapesti AK provided rich entertainment for the bumper attendances that came down to King George's. 

Broadway to Brazil was there to capture the action and reaction. As well as reviewing what happened on the pitch, this episode also hears from some old and new friends: former Corinthian and media legend, Martin Tyler; newly appointed first team manager, Tony Reid; and a member of the touring party from Budapest, Peter Beko. 

And we even end on a surprisingly musical note... 


Hosted by Jarek Zaba

Editing, Mixing, Production - Jarek Zaba
Series co-producer - Dominic Bliss
Title music - John Forrest