Episode 3,   Aug 04, 2022, 12:13 PM

2:23: 23% of candidates lose interest in an employer if they don’t hear back within 1 week further 46% become disinterested if they don’t hear anything within 1-2 weeks; 3:30: What can people do to hire fast; 5:58: Fill out talent requisition forms 6:50: You can’t wing the interview process; 7:25: Plan out your interviewer slate 9:05: Do group interviews to speed up process; 9:40: Centralized hiring; 11:00: Give your recruiter feedback with 24-48 hours of a candidate submission 11:20: Interview less candidates; 12:48: Specialist recruiters can help you determine the right fit faster; 14:00: If you find the right candidate act fast to hire 16:50: Present candidate offer within 2 days; 17:40: Hire decisively; 20:40: The onboarding process starts with recruitment process; 23:18: Final thoughts- 3 things you should do to hire fast.

The newest episode of the Get Talent! Podcast is all about hiring fast! @Daniel Herskowitz and @Ben Cross provide you some stats you need to know and 7 Ways To Hire Fast. Has hiring cooled off? No!🥵