Episode 11,   Sep 28, 2022, 12:24 PM

02:06 What is a Compensation Analyst? 02:29 Compensation Analysts in other industries 03:25 How Compensation Analysts are specific to global mobility 03:48 Requirements for the role: hiring within the industry 04:00 Experience with another relocation company 04:26 Experience with global mobility compensation and tax 04:36 Familiarity with compensation software 05:10 Requirements for the role: hiring outside the industry 05:30 HR/payroll background 05:57 Analytic approach to work 06:13 Expertise with Excel 06:48 The role of a professional recruiter 07:29 Detail-oriented candidates 07:48 How do you determine if someone is detail-oriented? 08:49 How do you find great Comp Analysts? 08:58 Work with GLOMO! 09:17 Understanding the role 09:54 Understanding the business model 12:04 How can you attract good Compensation Analyst candidates? 12:09 Maintain a consistent network 12:33 The GLOMO advantage 14:34 Be upfront and transparent 15:19 How your candidate may analyze

Do you know what a compensation analyst actually does? (Hint: it’s not HR!)

Compensation Analysts are relatively unique to the global mobility industry. Finding the right qualities for this position can be tricky, so using a professional recruiter is the best way to fill this niche role. Whether you’re working with the experts or hiring independently, don’t miss this week’s episode!

Ben and Danny lay out the candidate requirements, give tips for ensuring someone has the analytical chops, and explain the importance of offering a stable opportunity to attract the best candidates.