Gossip, Glitter & Whimsical Disgrace - WTF is up with Lisa Frank?

Episode 50,  Aug 17, 07:15 AM

Welcome to the Dark History podcast.  I’ve mentioned her many times before. I’ve tempted you over and over with her juicy story. I promised to you again and again that we’d get into the shady backstory. And the time has finally come. It’s time for us to talk about Miss Lisa Frank. Oh yeah. On today’s episode we get into the story about what was happening behind the glitter and rainbows at Lisa Frank Inc. We’re talking phone bugging, drugs, fraud, verbal abuse, chaining employees inside the building?!?!?! Yeah, this story is not at all what you expect. So hold onto that rainbow tiger trapper keeper tight, babe, this is gonna be a wild ride.

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