OR 09 - The Great Whites with Raymond Theiss

Aug 17, 09:00 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast special episode Operation Recall - The Great Whites

Raymond sat down with Jason to discuss his submission to the Operation: Recall toy line, but the boys were derailed by Raymond’s 40 years of GIJoe collecting! This guy has it all, not just 82-94 Oring or 2007-current 4”, and Classified. 

So not only do they discuss how Great White was conceived 30 years ago, but also how to love the whole line, support creative makers in our community, and a way of doing conventions that Jason has never conceived. 

You will enjoy this episode. Raymond has a genuine and deep love of action figures, GIJoe, independent toy lines, makers, and the legends who are behind the Operation: Recall brand. 

The backer kit is coming soon, so be ready! And hopefully those that missed it can preorder as well. Take a look at the Operation: Recall website until then: https://www.operationrecall.com/. Order of Battle will continue to bring more concept creators to your feed. 

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