Nick Locastro: Spontaneously Moving to Cali for a YEAR, the Grief from Loss, & the Power of Faith

Season 2, Episode 24,   Aug 19, 2022, 12:30 PM

In this episode of the "Chats with Clark" Podcast, Nick Locastro joins the show to discuss his spontaneous move across the United States from northeast Ohio to Long Beach, California. Locastro shares the experiences and dispositions that led him to leave everything he knew behind for a year, along with what inevitably brought him back home. Through various losses of people in his life- romantically and otherwise- Locastro discerns how to best navigate through those difficulties. The answer, Locastro came to find, is his faith. In Locastro's wise words, we must "clear the voices in our head." Tune in to hear about his journey across the country, overcoming and working through the grief experienced as a result of loss, and the power of having some faith!

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