Carole Baskin: Big Cats, big criticism and life beyond Tiger King

Season 2, Episode 4,   Sep 01, 2022, 12:00 AM

From the moment she was born it seems that it was destined for Carole Baskin not to simply fall in love with big cats, but to play a crucial role in ending the captivity of big cats that led to the death and slaughter of so many. 

Having committed her life to this cause Carole was propelled into the lives of 64million+ homes as she starred in Netflix’s Tiger King - the story of the controversy that surrounded Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic. 
Everybody seems to have an opinion of Carole. However, what I have learned in getting to know Carole is that we should never make assumptions of a persona based upon a glorified Netflix documentary or indeed, listen to the opinion that the world has formed about someone without pursuing the opportunity to get to know the individual themselves.

As you will discover from this interview Carole Baskin is one inspiring individual who is focused on achieving a purposeful mission and who has learnt to ignore the voices of others believing that whatever bad happens - it can always be turned into good. 

This is a powerful conversation with Carole and one that I thoroughly enjoyed and so I encourage you to dive in, listen and get Inspo.

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