Delon Armitage - Saving James O'Connors Life - Beating Up A Doping Official & Scrapping In A Car Park With A Leicester Fan

Season 8, Episode 99,  Sep 08, 2022, 04:15 AM

Today we're joined by one of rugbys greatest bad boys in Delon Armitage, who takes us through his incredible life story which has taken him from growing up in a wooden shack in Trinidad to becoming a triple European champion! He takes us inside the heartbreak of being dropped from playing for France at U16s, to his crazy debut where he took Benders place in the side, the tumultuous world cup campaign of 2011, his glory years at Toulon playing alongside the galacticos, the terrifying day when he had to save James O'Connors life on the bus after a match, getting banned for beating up a doping official, fighting a leicester fan in a car park and much much more madness.......
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