73. Assembly Required 2022 with Brian Sauer

Episode 73,  Sep 07, 09:00 PM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 73

You’ve absolutely heard about Assembly Required before now. Jason has talked about it many times. This episode Brian Sauer has joined the boys to discuss Codename Iowa’s 11th annual Assembly Required, coming up this November.  

Codename Iowa is a hyper focused team that has spent over a decade providing a free show and reasonably priced, unreasonably amazing content to the GIJoe community. This year the team is giving us an ARAH 40th anniversary experience. 

This 4-5 November, you need to get to Des Moine, Iowa. 

Assembly Required now has a Friday Night show, tons of games, raffles, panels, Friday night floor, custom class, Friday dinner, Free Saturday Show, G.E.A.R. Kits, Roleplaying games, Saturday morning cartoons and cereal! And so much more. Also, three huge announcements … A new customizing class, the return of one legendary artist and the first time attendance of another legendary artist!

This really is a show you cannot and should not skip! 

Kits and Extras: https://www.codenameiowa.com/store
Remember! The entire show Saturday is free! 

Hotel Information: https://www.codenameiowa.com/

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