Will Robert Sarver Sell and are the Suns Still NBA Finals Contenders?

Season 2, Episode 93,  Sep 18, 2022, 04:52 AM

Will Robert Sarver be forced to sell the Phoenix Suns after an egregious report on his workplace? Why the NBA can't force a sale and why he still may need to sell.

Bobby Manning welcomes Gerald Bourguet of PHNX Sports to Dome Theory to discuss the controversial penalties Adam Silver enacted against Suns owner Robert Sarver and why many feel they fall short. What's the solution when taking a NBA team away from an owner is so difficult, and what's next for Phoenix during and after his suspension. They take a look at the best team in the NBA last season on the floor and whether they can still compete for an NBA Finals title this deep into Chris Paul's career, whether there'll be animosity over the Deandre Ayton contract saga and if there's still a chance Kevin Durant could arrive here.