Ep2 Ruth Ramsay - Sex (over 2 million TEDx views and growing)

Season 5,   Sep 20, 2022, 04:00 AM

My guest this week is Ruth Ramsay and we talk about sex. Ruth is an adult sex educator and coach. She helps people of all genders understand who they are sexually, what they most need and desire, and how to move towards that. Her clients value her ability to create an entirely judgement-free, safe space to talk about their sexual lives.

On this episode Ruth talks about how she works with her clients and why people come to her. She also speaks with great honesty and openness about her own journey to this incredible work and why her sense of purpose is so strong and, when she choose to hide what she did (for good reason as you’ll hear) the impact that had on her. 
Ruths goal is to normalise our relationship with sex  so we can all  have more fun and less fear, to treat sex as a hobby and simply be more open with a subject which is so very natural yet so tied up in strong held beliefs which often don't serve us well. 
Ruth is hugely generous with the tips and advice she shares - there is so much in here for anyone interested in learning more about their sexual lives. The show notes are full of links so go check that out below. There is also a discount code for her programmes.

Ruth holds a transformational coaching diploma, which she backs up with vast life experience of her topic. She holds an Erotic Award for campaigning for sexual rights of people with disabilities; was a striptease artist for over a decade; has taught exotic dance extensively; and been a sex journalist, activist, model, kink performer, and more. She considers herself un-shockable.

Ruth offers online workshops on topics such as ‘Understanding Your Erotic Mind’, ‘How To Feel Confident Naked’, ‘Exploring Your Fantasies’ and her super-popular ‘How To Please A Woman In Bed’. She runs her eight week online course, The Passion8 Programme, three times a year and also supports clients 1-2-1.

Her mission is to normalise conversation around sex, removing the shame and stigma, and recognising sexual energy as a healthy force for good. 

Here's her amazing TEDx talk - https://youtu.be/I-3CANRKuAM?si=V4JHCZrxjIav3mxg

Find out more at www.ruthramsay.com and on Instagram www.instagram.com/ruthramsay_

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Ruth's resources list:

The Passion8 Programmme - Eight Weeks To Transform Your Sex Life. Ruth's
online, attendance-anonymous course which will take you on a journey of
education and self-discovery across your sexual life. Starting October
24. Suitable for singles and couples (and more!). Mojo listeners get ten
per cent off with code MOJOP810 . FInd lots of info here:

Join Ruth's 'Something For The Weekend' newsletter list - Saturday
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Here are Ruth's most-recommended resources:

Sexology Podcast with Dr Nazanin Moali: https://sexologypodcast.com/

Sex & Psychology podcast with Dr Justin Lehmiller:

'Come As You Are - The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your
Sex Life' book by Dr Emily Nagoski - aimed at women but essentital
reading for all genders.

'Sizzling Sex For Life - Everything You Need To Know To Maxmise Pleasure
At Any Age' by Michael Castleman - he says the book is "for men and the
women who love them".

'She Comes First - The Thinking Man's Guide To Pleasuring A Woman' by Dr
Ian Kerner. This was the book which taught Ruth about her own anatomy
and arousal science, in her early 30s.

'Trans Sex - Clinical Approaches To Trans Sexualities And Erotic
Embodiments' book by Lucie Fielding. Written for therapists, coaches,
and medical professionals working with trans people, but
accessibly-written and hugely valable for anyone wanting to break free
of society's scripts around sex.

'The Principles Of Pleasure' series on Netflix

'Love, Sex, Goop' series on Netflix

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