OR 4 and 17 - Sol Eagle Guerrero and General Montifero - David Emmanuelli

Sep 28, 2022, 09:30 PM

#gijoe GI Joe

Order of Battle Podcast special episode Operation Recall - Sol Eagle Guerrero and General Mortifero

Jason had the absolute joy to sit down with David Emmanuelli to discuss two different concepts that were chosen by the Operation Recall legendary design team. His good guy concept is Sol Eagle Guerrero, a Puerto Rican/Mexican wrestler and heavy hitting badass. The bad guy offering has been earmarked as the Megatron or Iron Claw of the Operation Recall villain team: General Mortifero! 

David and Jason deep dive into growing up in the Caribbean, designing art and toys, food, philosophy, languages, taking risks, and more. David’s enthusiasm is infectious and his ideas are based in fun and play first. Their talk meanders and wanders but always gets back to Operation Recall. 

There’s also a guest shot from Order of Battle’s wayward member, Alexander! 

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Here’s the Episode: 

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