How technology builds trust

Episode 96,   Oct 11, 2022, 06:00 AM

Trust is bread and butter to charities. Without it, they struggle to build meaningful relationships with donors and beneficiaries, raise funds, and deliver much-needed services to the communities they serve.  

Good use of technology only reinforces a charity’s commitment to act in its audiences’ best interests. It can make charities more efficient, easier to reach, and crucially, keep their data and systems secure.  From marketing and IT teams to frontline staff, technology can make a difference in how they are able to work for and interact with those that need them.  

Our host Nick Wyatt (Growth Marketing Executive at Charity Digital) is joined by Rick Wilhelm (Chief Technology Officer at, Alice Roche (Head of Operations, Charity Digital), and Chris Hall (Head of Marketing, Charity Digital). Join them as they discuss how digital technology can foster trust between a charity and its audiences.