The Reinvention of the Modern Office

Oct 14, 2022, 12:40 PM

Philip Ross is an author, speaker, futurist and commentator on the new world of work. He specialises in predicting the impact emerging technology has on the way we will live, and he frequently runs workshops with organisations about workplace evolution. He is founder and CEO of UnGroup, which includes companies Unwired (WORKTECH events and WORKTECH Academy) and Unwork.

Philip’s latest book, co-authored with Jeremy Myerson: Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office, offers a panoramic view of the modern office and how parallel the rise of hybrid work, new working patterns and ideas are emerging. Unlearning old habits and rituals of an outdated office can create a new workplace fit for an age of digital technology, innovation, and diverse workforces.

Download Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office.