The Reset Rebel Meets Womens storyteller, feminist, activist, writer, author & film maker Rebecca Frayn LIVE at word of Mouth Radio Cafe

Episode 143,   Nov 04, 2022, 05:00 AM

Back in 1970, a group of women from the Womens Liberation movement stormed the stage of the Miss World Competition in front of an audience of millions on Television. 
When film maker Rebecca Frayn heard this story and found out that the evidence of the court case that put the patriarchy in the dock had been destroyed she spent a decade un-earthing the story to create a film with Keira Knightly as lead alongside Gugu Mbatha Raw that told the story in 2020.

Before that she created a feature film of the story of Nobel Peace prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi and her exile in Burma under house arrest, missing the death of her husband and giving up the right to see her children or play a part ion their lives to serve her country.

Rebecca began her career almost forty years ago and has also focussed on the stories of controversial but legendary German film director and photographer Leni Riefenstahl and  unravels the true extent of her involvement with the Nazi party, A profile of the celebrated American photographer Annie Leibovitz, plus successful screen-writer  and director, Nora Ephron who was trained by her mother from an early age to cannabalise her life for material.

In todays episode, you will hear how Rebecca learned to speak up and get over her fear of public speaking and who inspired her to create and cover the stories of women globally.

This is our first LIVE episode recorded at WOM Radio cafe  for WOM-AN,  a night of women storytellers, spoken word artists and poetic performances at the end of my very first Womens voice activation Retreat.

We will unleash some of that LIVE material next week, but photos are on instagram: