The Reset Rebel WOM-AN

Episode 144,   Nov 11, 2022, 05:00 AM

Last Month we celebrated the power of female voices with a night of spoken word and poetic performances.

WOMAN was the marker at the end of a magical weekend long womens voice activation retreat  created by me And inviting ten female powerhouse speakers to inspire the guests to open up, speak their truth, perform, re-find their voice, share stories, create community & a safe space but also to galvanise women to make strong bonds & to be strong.

To witness 8 women perform at the WOM was magic and after they took to the stage and wowed the crowd, speakers corner aka open mic opened up.

What came next was confirmation that the community need a voice. It was a privilege to  work with Ali Gray to create the space and also host this weeks podcast together and hear her “Ancestral Jam” piece to close.

Our Amazing Performers - In Order of appearance - 
Charlotte Fox - Comedienne and Yogi
Olivia Gajetski - Singer & Voice Coach
Sam Humes   - Comedian
Hannah LeDerer - aka Hanmade   
Harry Charles - WOM founder
Lauren Lee -  Yoga Teacher 
Holly Roxanne - Voice activation/ singer
Jo Youle - Podcast creative - Voice Activation Ibiza Retreat Founder
Alex Gray  - Actress / spoken word