78. Return from Codename Iowa: Assembly Required

Episode 78,  Nov 16, 04:30 PM

GI Joe #gijoe

Order of Battle Podcast episode 78

You missed a great show. Unless you were in Des Moines Iowa for Codename Iowa’s Assembly Required GIJoe show, you missed a truly great show. 

Jason and Joel discuss Des Moines, toy shows, traveling, and so much more. Jason was the joke of the show for his timeliness, his lack of A, and his sleepy sound. Art, preproduction, archivist materials, plus every level of collectible GIJoe you can think about. Assembly Required is a masterful show and it’s known for its intimacy as well. 

Beyond show love, there’s love for a couple new Classified figures, Sgt Slaughter and TF Outback. 

Seriously, next November, be ready to make the trip to the middle of America, Des Moines, Iowa. 

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GI Joe