Ryan Dusick: The Maroon 5 Drummer

Season 3, Episode 87,   Nov 20, 2022, 05:26 AM

In this episode we chat to the fabulous Ryan Dusick, one of the founding members of Maroon 5.

Ryan talks to us about how the band went from being friends playing in a garage to Grammy Award winners who headlined stadiums across the world - and how alcohol insidiously crept up on him when injury meant that he couldn't perform.

He talks to us about how he didn't talk about his issues with alcohol, and instead tried to laugh it off, or hide it - until it got to a point that he had to face his addiction head on after leaving the band in 2006 and struggling with alcohol for the next decade.

Ryan is now a trained therapist and has just released his first book. It's called Harder To Breathe and it tells the story of the band's incredible rise - and his devastating fall - before finding recovery.

We'd like to thank Ryan for his time, and for being so honest about his history with alcohol. His story shows that alcohol doesn't discriminate - it doesn't matter if you have it all, or nothing at all - it can creep up on anyone and take its hold.


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