If You Can’t See Your Future, Get Eye Surgery!

Season 2, Episode 65,   Nov 30, 2022, 09:00 AM

Whether practicing crutches, chasing crushes, or deciding a career path, we are constantly choosing our futures. Mags, Mom, and Dad, together in Atlanta, give helpful ideas, fun stories, and metronomes while they last.

 Show Notes
00:00   Mags is in Atlanta!
03:51   Maggie’s “big announcement” comes into focus.
07:50   The time Maggie used crutches for fun.
09:10   Studio art by Dan’s sister, Sandy, and Mom!
12:42   Maggie, sick but “No COVID!”
13:52   Dan and Shay in Los Cabos, Mexico. 
20:46   Does Maggie want to be famous?
27:06   It’s important to have a relationship … with a metronome. Anybody want one? 
(Go to wholesomechaos.com and submit your name/address in the “ask a question” section. U.S. shipping only.)
30:25   Maggie at the dentist – “Do you have a lip tattoo?”
33:34   Listener question from Momo: Do you have a joke/threat that you use with family and friends when they annoy you? 
36:03   Listener question from Brittany: “Should I leave my 9 to 5 job to become an adventure guide, or will that ‘destroy’ my future?”
41:10   Tag: Maggie’s new crushes!

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