80. An Invasion of Los Libros

Episode 80,  Dec 14, 2022, 02:30 PM

#gijoe GI Joe

Order of Battle Podcast episode 80

The year is rounding up. Jason and Joel have finished Christmas shopping but there’s always more toys to discuss. 

Joel has been falling in love with Chicken Fried Toys' new Crash Site Invaders. Jason only has Classified for new figures lately. But the discussion of Star Wars, Western, and GIJoe starts to border a bit on the review-ish side. 

But what Jason has gotten in lately, much to Joel’s jealousy, are several GIJoe books: After Action Report v2, Total Action Force v2, Creating GIJoe 9 and 10, and the Spain team has provided Madelman 2050! Talk about drowning in the love of action figure creation! 

Kentuckiana is coming up and Jason is guesting on Gary V’s podcast, and more. Come and join the conversation!

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